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Protect & Peel
Protect & Peel


Sopolish Protect & Peel doesn’t just take care of beautifully polished nails for two whole weeks, it’s the only peel-off system that really nourishes and protects the natural nails at the same time! The nails are being cared for thanks to our nourishing serum applied to the nails underneath the Vital Nailskin. Our Serum will make nails smoother, it will nourish and repair the nail and stimulate growth, resulting in beautifully healthy and super strong nails!





The most advanced professional gel polish with 2 application techniques

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How do you apply it?

The correct application method is an absolute must for a perfect and durable Sopolish Protect & Peel manicure. Make sure you know all the details and work as a real professional to keep your customers happy. Find out in the video below how to apply a perfect Sopolish Protect & Peel manicure!

Application method

Learn about the different Sopolish Applications