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Effect Gels
Effect Gels


Add something extra to your manicure. Our Effect Gels will help you create a mesmerizing result. Discover what you can do with each of the gels and learn how to apply the most beautiful nail art.


This new effect kit contains 3 Aquarelle Inks that allow you to create impressive nail art with a real aquarelle effect. From flower designs to smoke effect, marbling or abstract nail art, these Aquarelle Inks can do it all. You want wild splatters or precise drawings? The choice is yours.

These Aquarelle Inks do not need curing in a lamp, they air dry very quickly after application. The kit contains 3 colours: Ultraviolet, Dark Rose, Ash Grey and an extra mini brush.

Use the included mini brush to draw very fine and precise aquarelle designs, such as small flowers, with the Aquarelle Inks. To create a marble effect: use enough Aquarelle Ink and let it dry, then add some extra details with the enclosed brush and use a small splash of Pro Septic for extra effect.

Get creative and combine the colours together for a real aquarelle effect!


This effect kit contains 3 new cat eye gels that give a stunning sparkly & colour changing effect, that dances on the nail like dancing shadows around a fire. With the enclosed magnet you can create unique patterns, and make the effect as wide or small as you want.

These cat eye gels give a stunning visual effect, yet are super easy and extremely fast to apply. They give a maximal result with minimal effort! You can use the cat eye gels on Gellak and Sopolish.

The kit includes a double-sided magnet stick with a round and square shaped magnet for different patterns.

They come in 3 different shadowy dark colours: rose taupe, midnight blue and black smoke, and give nails a dark and mysterious look that is both elevated and attractive.


Nothing is as elegant and stylish as beautiful, nude nails. They are still incredibly popular this season, especially with the new minimalist trend. With these 3 new effect gels you hold the beauty secret to turn natural looking, soft and neutral nails into a glittering party look!

Each of these gels creates an enchanting 3D effect that sparkles whenever you move your nails in the light. With the accompanying magnetic stick you create any pattern you like. These Effect Gels can be used on Sopolish and Gellak, on top of a base coat or a colour. This way you can opt for a transparent or a fresh, nude effect.

The kit contains 3 different coloursSparkling Rosé: a soft pink skin tone with a gentle, silver shimmer, Blush Silver: a warm pink blush tint with silver glitter and Abricot Gold: a peachy nude with a warm golden sparkle.


Whether you call them jelly nails or glass nails: colourful, transparent gel nails are a massive trend, especially on Instagram. ProNails has translated this trend into 3 new Neon Glass Effect Gels in neon blue, pink and orange, for ultimate creativity. Use them on top of your transparent builder gel or your Sopolish base coat for a cool, see-through glass effect. Or use them as true neon colours, by applying them on a layer of white colour or Sopolish gel. You can also use the colours on top of one another to create colours. Blue over pink, for instance, gives an electrifying neon purple!


Realizzare l'effetto acquerello con qualsiasi colore Gellak o Sopolish sarà davvero molto semplice. Il Blooming Effect Gel LED/UV è un gel soak-off trasparente, che permette di realizzare un effetto davvero magico sull’unghia: applicato in un solo strato, riuscirà a liquefare qualsiasi colore che verrà steso al di sopra. In questo modo potrai realizzare dei magnifici effetti acquerello, effetto marmo, flower o smokey design semplicemente applicando e miscelando al di sopra i colori! Effetto spettacolare senza alcuno sforzo!

Learn how to create these kaleidoscopic flower patterns with an aquarelle effect, using the blooming gel!


I Mirror & Glass Effect Gels LED/UV potranno essere utilizzati sia su Sopolish che su Gel. Il Mirror Effect Gel crea esattamente ciò che ti aspetti: un incredibile effetto specchio argentato. I Glass Gel Indigo & Hot Pink sono due colori completamente trasparenti, da utilizzare al di sopra del Mirror Effect Gel per ottenere un fantastico effetto metallizzato dal colore estremamente intenso.


I Cosmic Cat Eye Gel non assomigliano per nulla ai cat-eye effect che hai visto fino ad ora.

Ciascuno di questi gel, in base alla luce, crea una danza di meravigliosi effetti 3d cangianti. Anch’essi potranno essere utilizzati sia con i colori Sopolish che con i Gellak. Più il colore usato come base è scuro più l’effetto finale sarà evidente. Questi gel sono disponibili in 3 differenti colori cosmici: Rame, Smeraldo e Fuchsia. Potranno essere stesi in modo uniforme su tutta l’unghia, o in modo irregolare per realizzare effetti geometrici realizzando un mix di curve e linee grazie al magnete incluso nel kit!


Con i Galaxy Gel LED/UV potrai aggiungere un tocco glitter effetto galassia ai colori Gellak o Sopolish. Questi nuovi glitter flakes hanno uno speciale effetto galassia cangiante. Questi gel sono disponibili in 3 diversi colori: Indigo, Ultra Violet e Hot Pink.