Back to Glam

The Back to Glam collection contains 3 very warm Autum/Winter colours in a very old rose, a rusty red and a deep bordeaux. They all have a sparkly layer on top or inside. These colours are extra glamourous & fabulous for the Holiday Season.

The Holiday Season is a time of good food, being together, traditions and of course, FREEDOM! The Autumn-Winter Collection has been developed with gala dresses, dancing and extravagant clothing in mind. Sparkling sequins, sparkling glitters and beautiful nails. This autumn collection is all about pomp and circumstance.

Merry Merlot

A deep red colour, redolent of a spicy but smooth red wine. With the shimmer more subdued it is very rich and stylish but still very wearable. The most beautiful gift wrapping and the sparkling decorations on the tree are no match for this autumn colour. Customers will have no trouble getting into the Christmas spirit at the sight of this colour.

Cheerful Cinnamon

A beautiful rusty red colour with hint of exotic cinnamon, a subtle reminder of the popular Cinnamon Craving. With the Holidays approaching, you want to bring festivity to your customers. This colour is also ideal for open shoes. Warm shades, sparkling glitters, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Sparkly Rose

A soft old rose glitter, a trend colour that suits all ages reminiscent of the popular Nostalgic Rose. This sparkling glitter is a feast for the eyes and like jewels on your nails. The prominent glitter layer makes Sparkly Rose very festive and glamorous but remains very wearable with its softness of colour. This colour compliments both true fashion statements and clean looks.