With 40 years of experience and a clear vision on what the future should be for professional nail styling, ProNails created the suction nail machine of your dreams.

The ProNails Vision Pro 800 is the future of professional nail styling! And it will change the way you work for good!

Not only the revolutionary design of the ProNails VP 800 makes it the most elegant and luxurious suction nail machine but its high-tech machinery makes it also the most reliable, powerful, comfortable and hygienical suction nail machine ever!

It lives up to its name every step of the way: the high technology of this device is based 100% on the vision of professional nail technicians.

We designed this clever device with you in mind and with a clear vision of your needs as a professional nail stylist.

  • We want you to be able to achieve a perfect result for each client
  • Yet we want you to be able to work faster and with more comfort
  • while safeguarding your health and that of your client
  • and we want you to do this in the safest possible way with the highest hygiene standards

Each detail of this device has been thoroughly researched and optimized, making that this model is at the top of its league.

Good to know

  • Use your device professionally

  • Sterilizable handpiece in autoclave

  • The best suction nail machine deserves top quality bits

  • When the dust bag light is on, it’s time to replace the dust bag

  • Replace filter timely

  • When the service light is on, it’s time for major maintenance

  • Optional variable speed control foot pedal available!


Scopri tutte le caratteristiche di Vision Pro 700

  • With Patented BitLock+AirSuction Technology
  • Powerful brushless vacuum Motor with SilentForce Technology
  • Ergonomic High-Comfort design
  • User-friendly interface
  • LED touch screen
  • Broad adjustable speed range (5000 to 30000 rpm) with memory function
  • Easy to clean & maintain
  • Handpiece can be sanitized in autoclave
  • 1 year warranty



Thanks to the powerful suction motor of the Vision Pro 800, the dust is extracted directly at the point of creation, the nail of your client! All the tiny dust particles are immediately sucked up so you do not send any dust to your face anymore. This is not only better for your health, it will also give you a cleared vision of the treatment area. And the dust is hygienically collected in the dust-bag inside the machine.


The beautiful  handpiece with accelerated air-flow system is ergonomically designed to offer you high comfort during use.

It is lightweight and compact in order to reduce wrist & hand fatigue.

The ingenious tube support, will even offer you more comfort during work, you will no longer feel any weight in your hands.


The Precision hand piece of the Vision Pro 800 is based on the dental technology.

Its powerful micro motor will help you save up to 50% of your filing time. The unique mechanics inside this micro motor guarantee a reliable operation providing accurate rotation speeds from 5000 to 30000 RPM. The micro motor automatically adapts its power output to maintain a constant rotation speed regardless of the resistance created while using the handpiece.


During daily use, a handpiece is exposed to contamination from abrasion, dirt, dust and a variety of pathogens which is sucked into the handpiece. 

Handpieces that are not properly hygienically cleaned and maintained are infections and this can be transmitted your customers.

At ProNails we are well aware of these risks and hygiene requirements in the daily practice of nail and foot care.

This patented technology allows the handpiece to be completely dismantled for thorough cleaning and disinfecting. It is also suitable for sanitization in an autoclave at 134°C.


Switching bits should also go fast and easy. The Patented Bit lock Air Suction Technology will ensure that your bit is properly locked into your hand piece and it allows you a large choice of bits. You don’t need to worry about bits falling out or getting stuck during filing. Just simply twist open to release your bit, and twist back to lock again.


We’re also familiar with too much noise in the nail salon. Customers like to talk!

And it’s no fun having to shout over the noise of your nail machine or table dust extractor.

Thanks to the Silent Force Technology of the VP800 you are still able to have a comfortable conversation with your client.

This technology applies to both motors: The micro motor of the hand piece and the vacuum motor, are both brushless motors. These motors are much more silent than carbon brush motors as there is no friction and they do not cause any vibration during use. 


Things need to go fast while you’re working. No time for complicated buttons. The ProNails VP 800 has a capacitive, intuitive touch screen which is very easy to use. You just swipe your finger over the touch panel to adjust your filing speed and suction power. The panel also has three memory buttons which come in handy and help you save more time. The three memory buttons are predefined with the most efficient and frequently used rotations speed and are also adaptable to your personal preferences. The Dust bag and maintenance warnings light up automatically.


No more losing your bits! When you’re under pressure, you don’t want to waste time looking for the right bit. On top of the machine there are 9 practical bit holding positions which are nicely distanced so you have a clear vision and fast access to the exact bit you need.


No more falling down handpieces! Just simply slide it into the secure and strong hand piece holder when you’re done filing. The handpiece is protected and kept in place thanks to the inner protection plugs.


A practical integrated cosmetic pad holder is part of your machine. Just tear off a cotton pad with one hand while you continue to work with your other hand.


The Vision Pro 800 comes with an optional foot pedal with variable speed control. This allows you to control the speed of the handpiece with your foot.


Dust repulsive thanks to the seamless sealing of the entire device and the touch screen. This allows easy cleaning of the device. The touch panel can easily be cleaned and disinfected with Clinilotion and a cotton wipe, which ensures a perfect, hygienic working environment. The handpiece can easily be disinfected and sanitized in an autoclave. The control panel indicates clearly when it’s time to change the dust collector bag thanks to the dust bag light. The service light indicates when it’s time for major maintenance of the entire device (after about one year).


Download the Vision Pro 800 manual here!


I nostri esperti offrono la loro consulenza

Come professionista delle unghie, ogni singolo giorno crei unghie perfette. Ma utilizzi gli strumenti giusti per massimizzare la tua produttività e rendere il tuo lavoro il più confortevole possibile per te e la tua cliente? Per un Nail Stylist tutto questo è possibile usando il giusto micromotore (fresa) per unghie. Con la nuova Vision Pro 700, il tuo lavoro sarà di una qualità superiore.

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