Are you making it easy on yourself this Holiday Season? Quickly prepare some nice Christmas gifts for your customers and boost your sales!

Don't miss the chance for extra income this end of year!

Everyone is looking for End-Of-Year Gifts. So make sure you can suggest some fun and original gift ideas to your customers. They will be extremely grateful! Why shouldn't your clients buy these from you at the salon?

Inspire them with the nicest gift packages that you prepare in advance, in different price ranges from € 20 to € 80. Start doing this on time so you don't have to think about it during the busiest period of the year. Present all these ready-made gifts per budget. This will make it easier for customers to choose.

Thanks to additional sales of gift packages and individual products - think LongWear nail polishes, Nail, Hand & Foot Care - you will effortlessly increase your turnover.

PRONAILS GIFT GUIDE: gift ideas for every budget

We already got started for you! 😉 Discover our different gift ideas by budget! Below are some products for inspiration, which you can put together yourself in gifts from € 20 to € 80.

Tip! Also add the End Of Year Gift to your packages, the nourishing foot mask in a Christmas sock with trendy leopard print! A way for you to resell these pampering masks.

In the social downloads below, you'll find a video on how to use them.
Feel free to share this with your customers on your own social channels!


A nice foil and ribbon & done! The Christmas corner in your salon will shine this year!

Free social media download

Thanks to our free images, you can quickly make it clear on your own social channels that you have the best end-of-year gifts in your salon. Do you have your own gift voucher? Let your clients know! Do you treat your clients on the foot masks? Then be sure to share the video as well, on how to use it for a spa pedicure moment at home!

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