These nail stylists are already fans of BFLEX! Find out why.


This brand new all-in-one ultra flexible Base, Builder, Tone and Shine Gel will be your new BF in your salon! Because Best Friends make your life easier, bring out the best in you and are flexible. No fuss, simple and to the point!

With BFLEX, you as a nail technician have the answer to what women want: to bring out the best in their natural nails, thanks to a Nail Therapy Treatment with all the bells and whistles!



This innovative Gel in a Bottle is super flexible and ideal for those who like short or medium length natural nails with an extremely thin and natural look.This Gel can be applied to all nail types. Whether the nails are flexible, thin, normal, healthy, hard, dry or damaged. So you can even help nail biters with this!Thanks to the simple drop technique, the Gel will spread super-fast and evenly on the nail surface.

This awesome product does all the work for you! You obtain the fastest and most efficient result using the Smart Light LED lamp. In only 30 seconds SOFT you cure each nail and you don't have to file into shape. On top of that, the Smart Light also guarantees a beautiful shine. Saving more time means more treatments and more revenue. Do the math yourself! 

Discover all 6 BFLEX nudies part 1 and part 2 in a beautiful box, a must-have item for every successful nail stylist and offer her customers what they want: nails with a natural look

The BFLEX is available seperately in a clear colourless version which is ideal for clients who prefer a trendy spring colour instead.

For the nail stylist:

  • Base, Builder, Tone and Gloss in 1
  • Quick to learn and easy to apply
  • Fast service (30 sec SMART LIGHT LED)
  • Attract new customers
  • Totally new and trendy gel service: you can raise your price!
  • Easy and fast touch-up without filing in shape
  • Convert irregular customers to monthly returning loyal customers
  • Vegan and Acid Free formula






For the customer:

  • Brings out the natural beauty of your own nails
  • Nails are reinforced and protected
  • Helps the natural nail grow because the Gel is very flexible
  • Acid free formula: better for your nails and skin, you avoid allergies
  • Ideal for those who love short, natural and shiny nails
  • Ideal for all nail types, also for nail biters
  • Much longer wear than semi-permanent nail polish