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Never doubt collection

Never doubt Collection

“When in doubt, wear red” - Bill Blass

After being away from your salon for so long, and having to miss your nail service for weeks, even months, your clients will not know what colour to choose for their nails. Maybe they have forgotten their favourite colour… or maybe they are anxious to leave the past behind and try on something new. What better way to welcome them back than with a choice where she cannot go wrong: RED, RED and RED again!

When it comes to nails, we all know: RED is ALWAYS a good idea. So offer your returning customers some solid ground in these challenging times, and make their choice easier by offering them 3 NEW fabulous REDS to choose from: When in Doubt, When in Love & When in Rome. With these 3 colours you can never go wrong!




If you are in doubt, if you don’t know what’s up or down anymore in this crazy world of today, then go for certainty, go for an assured success.


When in doubt always wear a strong red! When in Doubt is a classic timeless red, a red that goes with everything and everyone. This red makes you instantly more attractive and gives you that strong sense of style, that certain je ne sais quoi. It’s bougie, it’s classy, .. it’s ProNails!  


also: when in doubt, sanitize!  







When in love wear a passionate red!  When in Love is a red nail colour that is enriched with a touch of hot pink, which makes it bursting with love, just like you!  


If you are in love, because quarantine brought you closer together with the one you love, (or because you love the fact that quarantine is over) then choose a colour that matches the colour of your heart.


also: when in love, always wear protection!







There is a saying “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. It means, don’t be stuck in your own habits, but open up to the world around you and try something new, like tasting that local food or trying on that new colour! Try to enjoy whatever life throws at you.


When in Rome always wear a happy red! When in Rome is a happy red nail colour that holds a hint of sunny yellow. It spices up the red and adds a little more fire to it! So if are feeling optimistic, ready for a new adventure, ready to enjoy the summer (even if you might not be able to travel) just go for When in Rome!


also: when in Rome, keep your distance!