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Gellak Colourgels


The n°1 colour gel for professionals.
For perfectly coloured gel nails there is only one option: ProNails Gellak, the best colour gel on the market! Gellak stands for perfect coverage, quick and easy application and more than 200 trendy and must-have colours. 

Perfect coverage


The Gellak colour gels are highly pigmented, which means that they have many colour particles. Thanks to the full colour, the gellak gives perfect coverage in only 2 thin layers. This allows you to create very natural and thin gel nails. The colour remains perfect and does not discolour or fade until the next refill!

Simple application


Application is easy because the gels are self-leveling. You apply the colour gel and the gel spreads perfectly and evenly on the nail plate. Because you can work extremely thin, curing is very easy. The nails are ready after 30 sec FULL in The Smart Light. 



ProNails Gellak is easy to use and cures rapidly, which in itself will save you time. Invest in The Smart Light and save lots of time with each application. Those 30 seconds per layer make a real difference. What’s more Gellak colour gels don’t have a sticky layer after hardening. So you can just carry on with your second layer or apply some nail art or add your top coat straight away, which saves you even more time.

Convenient packaging


Not only have we thought about the content of our products, we have also put our minds to work on the packaging which has been designed around practical recommendations provided by nail stylists. The unique design of the ProNails Gellak pots was conceived to ensure their stackability, which is very practical when it comes to storage space. The gel is always locked inside the pot, so no sticky caps any more. And thanks to the wide base it’s almost impossible to topple the pots over; plus they are unbreakable. But the most ingenious aspect is the built-in wiping edge which enables you to gauge exactly the right amount of gel on your brush.


ProNails Gellak is available in more than 200 phenomenal colours. Will you choose the latest and trendies colours or do you prefer timeless classics?  Surprise your customers with the most beautiful colours of the moment and let their nails shine every time. Discover the latest collection.
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