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Confidence Collection

Confidence Collection
Confidence Collection

The Confidence Collection


It didn’t go unnoticed to us nail professionals that women get a serious power rush when leaving their favourite ProNails nail salon. It’s a fact: nothing shows that a woman is in charge like perfectly painted nails. For this season ProNails gives you 6 new confidence colours to make any power look pop. Classic grey, power black, fierce red or feminine purple: what colour gives you the power?

What's your power colour?


Read My Lips


Who’s the boss? Make sure the message gets across with fierce red nails. Match with red lips and a sleek pinstriped suit for maximu impact. What do I want you to do next? Just, follow my fingertips and Read My Lips.




You’re on top of things all day long. But after pay-time, it’s playtime! Paint the town red and your nails a deep burgundy. With this colour of a fine Merlot you’re dressed up from nine to wine.



Want to close that deal? Pump up the ‘femme’ with big hair and killer heels, and add a brushstroke of gorgeous grey. Yep, you nailed it!



Cool kid meets total cuteness, that’s what this colour is all about. Add some stamp art and you take it from grey to great. Talk about creative POW-er!



Add the power of black nails and you’re a weapon of mass seduction. Black with a dark red undertone that is, nothing ordinary about this colour!



The Future is Female. We know it, and it’s about time the rest of the world does too. With futuristic purple being the trend colour, this nail hue will give you the upper hand.


Do you let your nails speak for you? Put some Power in your manicure! Get inspired by this powerful nail designs with amazing visual effects.

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Effect Gels
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