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Camouflage gels-new

Camouflage gels

Camouflage gels

Not everyone is blessed with perfectly looking natural nails, and that’s of course where You come in! With the ProNails Camouflage gels you can transform any nail plate, whether short, damaged or bitten to a natural looking piece of art! The camouflage gels consist of four different natural nail colours ranging from milky pink, nude, peach and mask to suit any skin colour.

These hard gels are suitable for all nail types, including nail biters, and provide strength and covering to the natural nail. Thanks to their masking capability and strength, they are perfect for covering nail bed imperfections and extending very short nail beds. Generally used for natural look or for French manicure.

These gels can be applied thinly and require minimal filing. They cure in 30 seconds in The Light (or 2 minutes in UV) without heat sensation.