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4 gels for you to know

4 gels for you to know

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At ProNails we offer several different gels to provide you as a nail stylist the right tools for the perfect set of nails. Each gel has its own specific advantages, own application and an adapted formula and texture. Discover what makes these 4 gels so special and why you should work with them.


Flexi Base Gel


Not everyone is blessed with strong, healthy natural nails all the time. Customers with flexible nails can experience lifting problems due to bad adhesion of the gel to their flexible nails.

This is why we use flexible builder gels on flexible nails. This easy to apply base LED / UV gel is specifically designed for damaged, greasy or flexible nails. It has a super easy brush-on application.

It will give a perfect adhesion to the natural nails of all ProNails builder gels, including 3-in-1 gels.


Are you noticing that your clients’ nails are getting more flexible? Book your filing techniques workshop now and learn how you can avoid these issues!




Flexi Builder frosted pink LED/UV gel


This cream-coloured gel softens imperfections of the nail bed and creates naturally looking gel nails.

The Flexi Builder gels are strong and flexible and guarantee optimal sturdiness and elasticity on every kind of nail. It is the ideal gel to perfect the natural look or the French Manicure.

Do you prefer the edgy stiletto look on your natural nail? Combine the Hard Builder Clear with this Flexi Builder and you can easily make extensions on forms. Nail that look!


Book now the ProNails workshop and learn all about extensions- and French Manicure technique.






With broken, cracked or weak nails it is very important to strengthen the nail. This fiberglass reinforced gel is the ideal solution for strengthening.

Because it is very light on the nails, the Repair Fiber Force gel is ideal to create ultra-thin, natural looking nails.


You can try all our different types of gels during the conversion training. Because you can’t love it if you haven’t tried it! Book the workshop now!








Hard Builder Clear LED/UV gel


The ProNails Hard Builder Clear gel is one of the strongest gels in the Hard Builders range.

Combine the product with the ProNails Perfect Base to create ultra-thin nails or combine it with the Flexi Base if your client has greasy or damaged nails.

With the use of the Smart Light the product will be cured in 30 seconds, to get the best results work finger-by-finger. This gel requires a minimum of filing and is self-leveling, this product isn’t only timesaving but also profitable.


The n°4 Pyramid Brush is the ideal brush to apply Builder Gels. With its unique pyramid-like shape it is the perfect brush for a precise, easy and quick application. Every brush comes with a handy metal corrective tip.




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