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Profitable holidays and happy selling.

Profitable holidays and happy selling

Su 26 11 2018 in


The holiday season is the biggest shopping season of the year. Everybody is looking for the perfect gift for their loved ones. Did you know 1 out of 3 shoppers prefer to give an experience rather than a traditional gift? To be perfect, a gift must also have a personal touch. That’s why a lot of people gift products they already love themselves. It’s like sharing a personal secret.


This is all great news for you as a beauty professional. You are in the business of selling indulgent beauty experiences that your customers already love, so make sure your salon becomes a gift shopping heaven! We’ve prepared some useful tips to help you get started, so you’ll have a joyful AND successful holiday season!



Your customers are on the hunt for a perfect gift for their loved ones. This is the perfect time for you to show some love too. So what better way to thank your loyal customers for a magical year, than to surprise them with a joyful treat.

This year we’ve prepared a beautiful Holiday packaging with a sample-size Vitamina Cuticle Oil inside.
Dare to use this present as a conversation starter: ask your customer about what she plans on giving others, in other words: is she still looking for gifts to buy?



Nothing beats the gift-hunting stress than carefully curated gifts that perfectly fit the needs of your clients. Turn your salon into full gift-shop mode and make the hunt for the perfect gift as convenient as possible for your customer. Offer a selection of ready-made inspirational ‘gift-sets’. Top it off with exquisite and effortless gift wrapping and your sets will be the perfect eye-candy under any tree. Think about different budgets and different products: shoppers usually spend 20 - 25 € for friends or relatives and 50 – 75 € for close friends or family.

Think in the line of a Foot Care pack, a Hand Care set or a manicure set with LongWear. Be creative and help your customer find the perfect gift for her budget.

(Left picture: Gift Bag - Softening Balm - Cooling Leg & Foot Lotion , Middle picture: Deep Defense Hand Serum - Anti-Age Rich Hand Cream - Vitamina Cuticle Oil , Right picture: LongWear Start - LongWear Colour- LongWear Finish - Cuticle Care Pen - Nail Serum)



When you surprise your customers with an end-of-year gift containing our rich Vitamina Cuticle Oil to try out, they will surprise you in return by coming back for more! So be prepared for enthusiasts who just can’t bear without. Get your display and stock-up with the full size Vitamina Cuticle Oil. Add an ‘impossible to resist’ promotional deal and it will sell like hot cakes. We promise.

Enjoy the holidays! Happy selling!


Still looking for a perfect gift for your customers? Stock up on our Holiday gifts with a sample-size Vitamina Cuticle Oil inside.

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