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Get your nails party ready!

Su 19 03 2019 in


Now that the days are getting longer and the temperature is rising, it’s time to get the party started. The month May is full of weddings, first communions and many more fun activities. Step up your game and bring out all the sparkles so your client’s nails steal the show.


Yes way Rosé!

Chrome nails are back in business, baby! This season, choose a pink metal colour to complete the look. Let the nails reflect the light and make your manicure a true eye-catcher. This classic pink with a modern twist is guaranteed a show-stopper. 


Tip! To create an impeccable rosé mirror-effect, apply a layer of Crystal Seal before rubbing the Chrome powder onto the nails.


Aurora Pow(d)er

The Aurora effect-powder gives your nails an extra dimension. By rubbing the powder onto the nails you will get an astonishing iridescent effect. Pick a different colour Gel or Sopolish as a base and you will get a completely different look. Dare to put your nails in the spotlight with this futuristic look.


To apply the powder-look perfectly every time, use the n°16 Stamp Brush. With its dense bristles, it is the ideal tool to rub powder onto the nail or to create stamp art. The ProNails Premium Brushes are designed by and for nail professionals.

The brushes are lightweight and thanks to their unique twist they will never roll of your work table! Nail Art will be a walk in the park with this brush! Do you want to learn how to create these pow(d)erful nail looks? Sign up for our Nail Art workshop and discover everything about the new trends!


Mermaid to perfection

This Nail Art is the perfect mix between a sophisticated, natural nail and the glamourous look that every woman wants. This subtle glitter effect screams class and elegance with a fun and shimmery touch. This look is ideal for a bride-to-be or a party girl!


Tip! Create an ombre-effect with the n°10 Punky Brush and make your look more fascinating. This ProNails Premium Brush is specifically designed to create seamless colour gradients.

Are you ready for wedding season? Brides are often looking for a timeless and elegant look that will still jump out of the crowd. What are the trends of this season and most importantly, how do you create them? Discover more about it at our Bridal Workshop.

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