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Choose the right nail serum for your customers!

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As you are already aware, ProNails, like you, places a great deal of importance on healthy natural nails. Our products make natural nails even more beautiful, they add shine, but they also respect the structure of the underlying nail. The goal is not to conceal nails, but to embellish them. 


This philosophy is evident when you look at the composition of all our products. We omit five ingredients in our nail polishes for instance: DBP, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and toluene, which means that they are much healthier for your nails. Our techniques are also conceived with respect for natural nails. We started a revolution in the world of nails for instance with Vital Nail Skin, the protective layer in the form of a practical sticker that you apply underneath Sopolish.


But it’s important to start right at the very beginning: nourishing and hydrating natural nails. And this is achieved by using the right type of serum.


Nail Serum

Nail Serum is the ideal, individual and effective treatment to use during a manicure in your salon or for use at home. It is a complete therapeutic treatment that nourishes and repairs brittle, fragile nails. It has a miraculous effect thanks to all the vitamins and minerals. The cells of damaged nail plates are uncovered which allows for the thorough absorption of the moisturising ingredients of panthenol and allantoin.

The keratin in the serum promotes cell renewal for strong nails and the polysaccharides such as Blue Agave form a protective film. This film ensures that ingredients are locked in and stay in place even with regular hand washing. 


Vital Nail Serum

We created Vital Nail Serum specially for use with Sopolish Protect & Peel. It should be applied under the Vital Nail Skin so that nails can benefit from a total nourishing cure during a two-week period. It dries very rapidly thus ensuring optimal adhesion of the Vital Nail Skin and so that you don’t lose any time when applying your Sopolish Protect & Peel.



Which serum should I use for my customers?

In your nail salon the answer is simple. If a customer comes in for a manicure, you should use the Nail Serum. If you are applying Sopolish Protect & Peel, you must use the Vital Nail Serum. Both are very effective serums that strengthen and nourish nails. But the Vital Nail Skin locks in all the active ingredients of the Vital Nail Serum so that it can continue penetrating into the nail for a period of two weeks. The protective layer with polysaccharides produced by the Nail Serum will prevent your Vital Nail Skin from adhering, so that’s not a very good combination.


But what should you recommend that your customers use at home? The Nail Serum has been created specially for use at home. Two applications per day will produce fantastic results. We have added a lovely soft shade of pink and given it a lovely perfume. Combined with beautiful nails…. none of your customers will be able to resist.  

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