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Foot care for professionals

Treat your feet with care

Su 13 03 2019 in


Do you want to give your customers the best pedicure possible? Say no more! With the ProNails Foot Care products you can deliver a soothing experience with equally beautiful products.

ProNails aspires a well maintained relationship with its customers. By continuously listening and engaging in a conversation with our customers we have developed our Foot Care range. This range is built on effectiveness, refreshment and a soothing experience.


To enhance the exfoliating aspect of the Sugar Scrub, we have changed the sugar in the formula. The scrub does not only exfoliate, it also nourishes and refreshes the skin. It cleanses the skin of excess skin cells and stimulates cell renewal. Besides the new formula we have also adjusted the colour to make it easier to distinguish the sugar scrub from the vitamin. The sugar scrub is very easy to use, you can choose to use it on wet or dry feet. Massage the product until the grain has completely melted, you can clean up with water or a tissue. That’s how easy it is!


The range’s key ingredient is eucalyptus oil. This ingredient is naturally disinfecting and is perfectly suitable for sensitive skin. Its revitalizing perfume will linger on to make your customer feel totally relaxed. The new foot care range is as well refreshing as powerful. The use of these products will result in beautiful silky feet, ready for a pop of colour on the customers toenails. 


Looking to offer your clients the best cosmetic pedicure possible? Book you 3 hour long workshop where we teach you everything about a cosmetic pedicure. Starting with the how and what of a thorough and effective treatment, to applying a long-lasting colour onto your customers toenails. Book your pedicure workshop now!

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