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How to maintain silky soft feet at home?

Su 14 04 2019 in

A cosmetic pedicure, no matter how impactful, can never guarantee a solution to some of the most common foot problems such as: dry skin, foot- or nail fungus or cracked heels. To solve these problems it is necessary to propose a treatment at home.


ProNails wants to make sure that you, as a professional, are able to prolong the pedicure of your customers by offering foot care products for home use. These products are effective and very simple to use. They will give the customer a refreshing and relaxing feeling while solving some of the most annoying problems in the comfort of their own home. It will prolong their pedicure, leaving them twice as happy with your services. It’s up to you to inform your customers and propose the right treatment for them.


Our new product: the Cracked Heel Foam is especially developed to restore and protect extremely dry and cracked skin. With ingredients such as avocado oil and glycerin it will reduce cracks and stimulate cell renewal.


This scent-free foam will melt into the skin leaving it silky soft without any greasy residue. This product is most effective when massaged into the skin and it needs to be used twice a day.





The key component in most foot care is eucalyptus oil. This ingredient is naturally disinfecting and anti-inflammatory. Its refreshing perfume will give the customer a spa-like sensation in the comfort of their own home. The new foot care range is as well refreshing as powerful. Regular use of these products will result in a longer-lasting pedicure and it will get rid of annoying foot problems!


Discover the full Foot Care range here.

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