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Only choice left: Sopolish or LongWear.

A sunny colour on your summer-ready feet

Su 04 07 2018 in


Getting your feet in shape for summer is really easy. It only takes 2 simple steps:

  • Enjoy a well-deserved pedicure
  • Choose your favourite colour

This second part is mostly the hardest step for your client. Which colour will she choose this time? Make sure to talk to your client about her needs. Is she looking for comfort and ease for weeks? Or does she like to DIY and match her polish with her shoes?


First option: Sopolish

Does your client wants to enjoy her holiday, strolling around in the prettiest slippers without worrying about her feet? Than Sopolish Soak-off is perfect for her. Let your client enjoy 2 carefree weeks of perfectly polished toes. 

Watch the video and discover how to apply Sopolish on toes in 5 easy steps:


Second option: LongWear

Does your client want the perfect colour and tons of variation? LongWear is the answer. Don’t forget to stock up on LongWear boxes. Your client can buy a Start and Finish and enjoy a free LongWear colour on top. Make sure to benefit from this summer promotion and get your free summer LongWear-colours.

Watch the video and discover how to apply LongWear on toes:

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