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3 steps towards perfect summer feet

Su 16 04 2019 in


Your feet take you everywhere. They are one of the most important parts of our body and yet they are not always cared for enough. Foot problems like foot fungus or cracked heels are very common. How do you help your clients get rid of these annoying problems? With these easy 3 steps you’ll make sure that their feet are in top condition!

STEP 1: Prep

The first step towards beautiful and healthy feet is a pedicure. As a professional, you can make your client’s feet silky-soft.

The Sugar Scrub will remove all dead skin cells and the Vitamin Mask revives the skin. On top of that you can treat your clients get a relaxing foot massage!




STEP 2: Colour

It won’t take long before it’s time to wear those summer sandals again! Summer-time = Sopolish-time. Let your clients find pleasure in all the luscious and vibrant colours that they will enjoy for weeks.

Thanks to the Easy Soak formula you’ll be able to easily remove Sopolish. It only takes 5 minutes and is not damaging to the nails. Those feet will be summer-ready all season long!




STEP 3: Care

Cracked heels, fungus or callus need a more intensive approach. Depending on the problems you can recommend the right at-home treatment.

The ProNails Foot Care products are refreshing, effective and easy to use. You just need to give your client the right advice and explain how they need to use the product.




Check out our Pedicure Workshop and offer your clients the most relaxing and effective treatment possible.

Do you want to know more about Pedicures and Foot Care? Download our Pedicure booklet now.

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