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How do you choose the perfect lamp?

How do you choose the perfect lamp?

Su 03 12 2018 in


We fired 3 important questions to Marina Van Der Donck, trainer at the ProNails Academy. She has many years of experience in educating future nail stylist and she knows what you need to look out for when searching for the perfect lamp. Read her tips.


What is the best moment to switch lamps?

A lamp is a very important tool of every nail stylist. Together with your products it will define your efficiency and your end result. Every lamp has its own specific characteristics: you’ll discover those when you start working with your lamp. Speed, efficiency and safety are important demands for a lamp. Our beauty market is evolving fast: builder gels, colour gels and gel polish product we work with are curing faster and faster.

The lamp you use has to keep up with these innovations. If there is a lamp on the market that will enable you to work faster and better, it’s time to change. In my trainings this is a very important issue. My students have to be up to date with the latest innovations, that is why in our training center we exclusively use the newest Smart Light.




What do you find important when purchasing a new lamp?

The most important item of a lamp is that it alignes with the products I use.  My lamp must also be reliable and help me to work faster without any problem. As a nail stylist you must be able to rely on your lamp. You do not want customers who come back with lifting or cracking of the gel,or even worse skin-allergies due to poor curing. The used leds and their position in the lamp are crucial for correct curing. In addition, I always opt for speed and efficiency. For example, being able to cure 5 fingers at the same time: it does not seem like a big profit, but just count all those minutes at the end of the day or the week. Nail stylists gain a lot of time with it.

For me, hygiene is also very important. In the salon and in my classroom. Look for a lamp that you can maintain easily. A "clean" lamp gives a neat impression to the salon. And perhaps not unimportant, a lamp must be safe. A simple on / off button that fully reassures me that the lamp is really switched off when I leave my classroom in the evening.


Why choose the Smart Light?

The Smart Light contains all aspects that I find important in a lamp. This lamp gives me full flexibility and reassures me time and time again that the result will be perfect. With the Smart Light I can work faster: all gels cure in 30 seconds and I can cure 5 fingers at the same time. I also find the lamp practical: a convenient on / off button and the lamp is easy to maintain. Pedicures literally run smoothly with the pedicure insert that slightly raises the lamp.

With the Smart Light you get complete control over your work. Do you have customers with sensitive nails? Choose the delayed start "Soft Start" and allow the nails to cure slowly to minimize the heat spike. And finally this is a beautiful lamp you can show off on your table. A real must have for every stylist who likes to be in control and strives for the perfect result.


For more information about the Smart light click here

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