Cuti Prep 8 ml

Ref 29482

An essential step for a smooth electric manicure!

  • Professional cuticle treatment
  • Makes cuticles soft and easy to remove
Why you love it

The ProNails Cuti Prep does not make the cuticles more elastic or flexible while softening them, which makes it much more suitable for an electric manicure!

  • Makes cuticles soft and easy to remove
  • An essential preparation for the electric manicure
  • Does not make the cuticles elastic or flexible

The Cuti Prep is a professional cuticle treatment that prepares the cuticles for the electric manicure, making them soft and easy to remove.

  • Apply the ProNails Cuti Prep to the cuticles and let sit for 30 seconds.
  • Remove cuticles using your electrical tools.

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