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Do you want to -wow- your clients with the most inspiring nail art?

We have a whole range of products that will help you in creating the most beautiful nail art to amaze your clients every single time. 

Learn all about the new nail art products and get inspired by our tutorials.

Your Nail Tools







What would you be without your Nail Art Tools? 









Nail art Powders


Top of any nail with a magical dust of pure perfection.

Enjoy creating the most stunning nail art for your clients. Just add a little powder and lift any colour to the next level.



From flower designs to smoke effect, marbling, animal prints or abstract nail art.
These Aquarelles can do it all !


Create amazing watercolour, marble, flower or smoke designs, just by adding more colours and moving them around!


The effect kits contains 3  cat eye gels that give a stunning colour and magical changing effect. 








Nail art gels


Add something extra to your manicure.
Our Nail art gels will help you create a mesmerizing result. 

Discover what you can do with each of the nail art gels and learn how to apply the most beautiful nail art.



Pearl Strings, Fairy Lashes, Rhinestones, Sequins,... Everything you need for the perfectly embellished and uber trendy nails. 


Laser stickers, striping stickers, stickers with golden geometrical shapes , ...







Become a Nail Art expert !



Discover all new Get the Looks

Our talented nail artists and educators worldwide show their most beautiful creations. Read the step-by-step description or watch the tutorial video on how to create the newest looks. Next you’ll find all products and tools listed that you will need to create these stunning creations. 

Now it’s your turn, so watch & learn!