Why & when use a Camouflage or Repair gel?

Not everyone is blessed with perfectly looking natural nails and that’s of course where you come in!

With the ProNails Camouflage gels you can transform any nail plate, whether short, damaged or bitten to a natural looking piece of art! ProNails offers 3 Camouflage gels with beautiful natural nail colours to suit any skin tone. The Hard Builder Milky Pink can also be used as a Camouflage gel.

In need for a quick repair during refill? In the ProNails Repair range we have 2 products that will do the trick. The popular ProNails Fiber Force is incredibly strong and ideal for reinforcement of thin, weak nails. The Easy Fix is a very firm gel that is ideal for modelling quick fixes without the use of forms. 

Good to know

The Camouflage Gels are generally used for a natural look or for French Manicure.

These gels can be applied thinly and require minimal filing. 


How to choose the perfect Camouflage gel?

Choose one of the 3 skin-tone colours that suits the best with your client's nails. The Camouflage gels are suitable for covering nail imperfections and extending short nail beds of e.g. nail biters. The Camouflage gels are used for all nail types, they are all mixable with other Camouflage gels and the Hard Builder Clear gel. They are all self-leveling & require minimal filing


  • Milky nude skin effect - medium covering
  • Ideal for nail biters
  • Ideal for French Manicure and natural look
  • Medium to advanced experience level


  • Milky peach skin effect - medium covering
  • Suitable for nail biters
  • Ideal for French Manicure and natural look
  • Medium to advanced experience level


  • Skintone masking effect - fully covering
  • Great for nail biters, perfect for extensions 
  • Ideal for darker skin tones
  • Advanced experience level




  • Extremely hard Builder gel​ that 
    camouflages imperfect nail beds or nail biters
  • Ideal for extensions of very short nail plates
  • Milky pink camouflage look after curing




How to choose the perfect Repair gel?

Sometimes your clients need a quick repair during refill. In that case you want the job to be done fast and easy with strong results. The Easy fix has a very runny texture and ideal in warm climates, used for quick nail repairs without forms. The Fiber Force is ideal for strengthening damaged nails


  • For damanaged, torn or broken nails
  • Quick fix without forms
  • Can be used in 1 or 2 layers
  • Not self-leveling
  • Beginners to medium experience level


  • For thin, torn or broken nails
  • Reinforcement of weak nails
  • Fiber glass, extremely hard
  • Medium self-leveling
  • Advanced experience level


How to use?

In these two videos you will find out how to use the Camouflage and Repair gels.