Why choose ProNails Academy?

Because you want the very best, of course!

ProNails is your ideal professional partner.
Everyone needs to be able to count on a reliable partner in life and in business. Someone who understands you, supports you and inspires you.
ProNails is exactly that.

  • We listen to your wishes and translate them into innovative and reliable products.
  • We share our expertise during exciting and fascinating workshops where you can find inspiration.
  • And we are there for you when you need us.
  • We exist for and through nail technicians.

Our mission is to help you grow in your career and succeed in your business!


Our trainers are all professional nail stylists.
They all have extensive experience as a nail technician and are yearly re-trained at the ProNails headquarters. We do this so that they are up to speed with all the new techniques and that, at all time, they stay ahead of the game. 

Our trainers are extremely happy to share their knowledge with you.
In addition to basic knowledge, they help you improve your skills with
handy tips and tricks. How to work better, faster, smarter?
The best way to help your customers?
How do you tackle creating a more successful and profitable business?

Our trainers are there to give you all the help and guidance you need.



LongWear, Sopolish or gel: whatever the product you want to work with, you will find it at ProNails.
We have a variety of different sorts of gels: you just have to choose the ones you prefer to work with.

Which colours do you like - or would you like them all? We have a dazzling assortment in every product range.
The Anti-Ageing Hand Care line is perfect for treating hands and keeping them lovely and soft.
The Nail Care products will restore nails to their optimal condition. The Foot Care range has been created with ingredients that are powerful enough to treat many foot problems.
And so much more! Stunning nail art to inspire you, innovative equipment to simplify your tasks,
handy tools that allow you to work more quickly, ...


When you walk through the door of a ProNails Academy Training Centre, you will feel immediately at home.
All the training centres are equipped with magnificent work tables and comfortable stools so that you can work like a real professional. During most workshops you can use all the equipment that is present in your classroom.

For some trainings we have put together a handy starter pack so that you have everything
you need at hand. No time to loose, you can get down to work straight away.

Are you particularly fond of to a certain product you just worked with? Then you can pop into the shop that is right next to all of our Training Centres, and pick up what you want.

Our trainers are there to give you all the help and guidance you need.



Our Training Centres have the same professional profile all over the world.

Whether you follow your training course in Belgium, Italy or Bahrain, you will always find the same enthusiastic and professional approach.


Small groups...  

for a guaranteed personal approach. Our trainings are held in small groups, in that way you have all the room you need to work quietly and without many distractions. And it's you who needs to do the work in our sessions. It's the only way you will gain hands-on experience of all the skills you need.

Our trainers monitor you closely and correct you when necessary. The main focus for beginners is on learning to work calmly and accurately. With more advanced participants, we also focus on obtaining an efficient and professional result. Above all we are there to listen to you!

Guarantee for the future

Following a ProNails training course gives you best built-in guarantee for a successful future.

If you decide to start your own business, it gives you the background and know-how you need to launch your successful carreer.

However, salons looking for nail technicians to reinforce their teams will also see your qualification as an added value for their salon.


After each training course at the ProNails Academy you are awarded a personalised certificate. This is your reward for your commitment and hard work. Our technicians usually hang these certificates in their salon. A way of showing your customers that they are in good hands with a true expert.

These certificates also demonstrate that the nail technicians continue expanding their knowledge by taking courses, learning new skills and thus remaining completely up-to-date with the latest trends. Inspired to collect the complete set of certificates? Sounds great to us.



Thanks to the ProNails Academy

your path of professional learning is a neverending one !