Painted Poppies - how to create this look?

All fingers :

  • Apply 2 layers of colour Holding Hands and cure each layer.
  • Take flowers of the Painted Poppies Sticker with the Long Bended Tweezer and apply on the nail. For Sopolish application: first remove the sticky layer of the colour with Pro Septic before applying the stickers.
  • Draw half-moon designs with Pointy Brush n°7 and colour Close Contact on the flowers base and cure. For Sopolish application: repeat this step with a second colour layer and cure.
  • Apply you favourite ProNails Gloss and cure.
  • Apply a touch of Gold Chrome Flakes with Diamond Silicon Tool and finish with your favourite ProNails Gloss and cure.
  • Fill in the half-moon designs with the new Dots On Top Matt and cure.
  • Use Diamond Deco Tool and Black Spider Gel to surround the designs and cure.


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