Our mission

ProNails is the trusted partner for top quality hand, nail and foot care. We offer superior support to beauty professionals. We inspire our partners and consumers with trendy high-end products that bring you radiant self-confidence and total satisfaction.



You, the talented beauty professional, will find in ProNails a strong and reliable partner in hand, nail and foot care. We believe quality, innovation and growth go hand in hand. We make each other stronger every day. Better. More glamorous. You and ProNails: Partners in beauty.



You, our consumer, doesn’t only deserve the best, but also the most beautiful. The most original. The most extraordinary. Or the most subtle. The most refined. The most personal. Or rather the strongest statement. Either way: you deserve to shine. And ProNails helps you to do just that.



  • ProNails stands for class.
  • Elegance at any time and on any occasion.
  • At ProNails everything is done in style.
  • With respect for customers, distributors and colleagues.
  • ProNails will continue to surprise - time after time.
  • And ProNails will help and motivate others to do the same.




  • Creativity is a state of mind for ProNails. It’s an attitude that works inspiring.
  • We inspire our partners and consumers. Launching trends and creating visually appealing and innovative new products is what we do best.
  • ProNails inspires, both professionally and creatively.




  • ProNails make people break out of their comfort zone.
  • Do crazy things and have fun with color and nail accessories.
  • ProNails wants people to experience their endless possibilities.
  • And the joy that comes with it.




  • ProNails puts its nails in innovation and is constantly looking for exciting innovations in the field of nail care.
  • ProNails brings quality, originality and beauty to the consumer.
  • And ProNails guarantees efficiency, competitiveness and market share to its professional partners.




  • ProNails is the integer and reliable partner for every beauty professional.
  • We offer support and products of the highest quality.
  • We provide excellent training programs and profound expertise.
  • ProNails has been the reference in hand, nail and foot care for over 30 years.
  • And that’s what we will continue to be.




3-in-1 builder gels, the Master have been especially developed to reduce service time without compromising on quality and final result.

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