That is 40 years of leading innovations, 40 years of experience in nail, hand and foot care, 40 years of trendsetting colours, and 40 years of bringing together driven professionals with a passion for beauty!

Is a reason to look back at the amazing road we walked together, and a reason to look forward, so we are ready for the next 40! 

And most of all: 40 YEARS PRONAILS is a reason to celebrate 2021 and to make an exceptional year out of it for all of us!


They say the best things are born in the 80s… And yes, it was definitely the time of exceptionally great music, iconic popstars and bold fashion statements!

But the best thing that happened in the eighties, was that women finally won their rightful place in the workforce, making it possible more than ever for women to become successful on their own. In the 80s women were making their own money and working hard for it. With this female success came a new found self-respect and a desire to express it, which gave birth to 80s power dressing.

There’s even an iconic 80s hitsong of Donna Summer that totally captures this celebration of female success in the 80s:

“She works hard for the money, so you better treat her right!”

Women wanted to express their new gained success, so they dressed powerful and started to invest more in self-care. Inspired by female popstars and athletes, the eighties was the time where acrylic nails became popular as the ultimate expression of feeling powerful, feminine and ready to take over the world.  

So it should come as no surprise that ProNails, was born in the 80s. Created by a woman, that wanted to become successful by making other women successful. By educating women to become skilled nail professionals and beauty entrepreneurs, and by giving women all over Europe access to the ultimate act of self-care: getting your nails done!  


For centuries Antwerp has been known as the city of diamonds, passing on the craft of diamond cutting from one generation to the next. This craftmanship made Antwerp a key player in the global diamond industry, with at one point having 80% of the world’s rough diamonds passing through Antwerp!

There is also a real passion for fashion living in Antwerp. With the Royal Academy of Fine Arts being one of the top ten fashion design schools in the world, Antwerp is the place where many of today’s successful fashion talents learned their craft.

But most of all Antwerp is known for its obsession with hands. As hands are the symbol of the city, you see them everywhere – in the cities coat of arms, in the form of statues, biscuits and chocolates, there is even a modern architecture building covered in little hands. Where does all this come from? Well, Antwerp is short for ‘Hand-werpen’ which means “throwing a hand” in dutch, which finds its origin in a local legend where a giant is overthrown by a local hero to save the city, by cutting of its hand and throwing it in the river…

So off course, ProNails is Born In Antwerp. Only in the city of Diamonds, Fashion and Hands, could a world brand come to life that is famous for dressing up hands in fashion colours, with nails that shine bright like diamonds!


ProNails is born in Belgium, or rather, ProNails is MADE in Belgium. All ProNails products are developed, designed and manufactured in Belgium, at its international Headquarters in Brasschaat, near Antwerp. This means they are produced according to the most strict cosmetic regulations, but we go even further than that. All ProNails products, tools and techniques are thoroughly tested to perfection, to make sure they guarantee a perfect result on every type of nail or customer, with the utmost respect for the natural nail and the safety and health for both salon customer and beautician.

From Belgium, the heart of Europe, ProNails is distributed to nail professionals all over Europe through a strong network of local partners, that carry out the vision of the brand with the same passion and expertise as the team in Belgium. This makes ProNails a true European brand, that stands for high European quality and service!


With a non-stop focus on innovation, ProNails is constantly improving professional nail treatments and helping nail professionals become more successful, by working smarter, faster and safer. Apart from a continuous effort in product development, this drive for innovation also pushes forward our business and services. That’s why we celebrate our 40 years with the launch of a brand new digital platform, that will be the new digital hub for both professionals and beauty consumers to find information, education, innovation, and inspiration as well as a next level online shopping experience.  

Our mission for the next 40 years is to make sure that more women than ever before will have access to safe, easy to use, high-tech beauty solutions, both in the salon and at home.

Driven by ambition...

... to help beauty professionals grow, ProNails has been a pioneer in creating innovative, qualitative and easy to use professional products and services ever since 1981. This is how ProNails has written history over the past 40 years! Take a look with us...


In 1981 Catherine Claus founded the first Belgian manufacturing company specialized in professional nail care products.

Smart entrepreneurship and creativity have helped the company grow to become a leading name in European nail care industry.



Inspiring and training beauty professionals has always been part of the DNA of the company.

This will eventually become the international ProNails Academy, with more than 200 Training Centres worldwide.



ProNails introduces UV gels in Europe. This technique originating in the US uses UV-lights to cure gels. This causes a drastic change in the professional nail world: before this, only acrylics were used for artificial nails.

The innovative gels allow for a much thinner and more natural nail build, and they don’t have the penetrating smell acrylics have.



ProNails introduces the Perfection UV Colour Gels.

They become one of the most popular type of colour gels for professionals in no time.


Professionails (this is how the com-pany was known back then) launches its first magazine. This will grow out to become the Naily News, our seasonal magazine that is published twice a year and translated into over 10 languages.

Every season Naily News inspires, educates and helps successful nail professionals innovate.

Launch Unicum Gel (2006).

Launch Vitamina Cuticle Oil (2007).

In 2009 Paul Parein took over the company and dedicated his time to its potential. Under Paul’s leadership, the company focused on product innovation, business support, sales expansion and strategic plans for the future. Today the company employs about 100 employees and exports the ProNails brand to 45 counties thanks to independent distribution partners.

Launch GELLAK colour gels. The n°1 colour gels for nail professionals today. A revolutionary timesaving colour gel, perfectly covering in two layers because of high pigmentation. Introduced in 2009 in 35 colours, but up to now ProNails has had 321 Gellak colours!



Launch Sopolish. This revolutionary semi-permanent nail polish is a crossover between nail polish and gel. This brand-new service taking only 40 minutes allows women to have perfectly polished nails for more than 14 days.

Launch of nail drill VisionTech. ProNails pioneered electric filing before 2000 by being the first to make it a compulsory part of the basic nail styling training, teaching every student to work correctly and efficiently right from the start.


A New World brand for a brand-new world: Professionails becomes ProNails, a new and complete beauty brand that represents professional expertise, quality and passion. Shorter, more powerful and with a new and recognizable logo. ProNails is ready to conquer the world.

The company relocates to the new building and moves its global headquarters to this new location. The new building houses offices, production, laboratory and warehouses. During the build, the highest climate standards have been taken into account. The 2000 solar panels on the roof produce more energy than the company actually needs!

Launch new gel jar: the smartest gel jar ever made.

Introduction of the Vital Nail Skins with Sopolish Protect & Peel technique. This makes it possible to easily peel off the Sopolish nail polish without damaging the natural nail. This is where ProNails again distinguishes itself from the competitors who only offer a soak-off technique so far.



Launch Vision Pro700.

ProNails as a company gets issued a first ISO22716 SGS certification.



Introduction of the Sopolish Care Protect & Peel technique.

Launch Vital Nail Serum.


New LongWear nail polish: a nail polish that lasts twice as long as a traditional nail polish!

Launch of the new Hand Care range for home and salon use.



Launch of the new Nail Care range for home and salon use.

New LED/UV GELS – all gels are fast-curing LED gels from now on.


Launch The SMART LED Lamp.
For a faster and smarter curing of all ProNails Gels, with complete control to prevent possible heat spikes!

Launch ProNails Brushes.

Launch Superior Colour Formula. Both Gellak and Sopolish colours get a new superior colour formula that is extra covering, never fades and even more easy to apply perfectly.

Launch Sopolish Easy Soak – Easy Peel.

Launch Flexi Base Gel.

Launch of the new Foot Care range for home and salon use.



Launch of the economical and more ecological Gel pouches.

Launch Sapphire Gloss.

Launch Baby Manicure electrical manicure technique.

Launch Sopolish Structure Base, the first semi-perma-nent base coat for weak nails, that adds structure to the nails and even allows a small extension.

Launch Master Baby Boom Soft French & Natural Kits.
And the Master e-learning online training. 


Now it’s 2021 and we are proudly celebrating our ‘Fabulous Forty’!

Forty stunning years in the nail industry full of experiences, ProNails moments and product launches that we’ve all shared together. Also this year we will introduce some new product innovations and trend colours. Yes, we’re more than ready for the next 40 Years in the nail industry!

We want you to be part of our festive anniversary! Let’s celebrate together!